“Pan de Yuca”, Duran, Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art

Breads of the Creative Cities

 Edition 2022

The third edition of the project was characterised by the participation of multiple Knowledge Keepers for each Creative City and the expansion of the project thanks to the involvement of new UCCs.  

To honour the Film Cluster, the Knowledge Keepers had the possibility to publish their videos to better narrate their traditions.  

The results were presented during the XIV Annual Conference of the UNESCO Creative City Network in Santos, Brazil. 

BoCC Conference

XIII UCCN Annual Conference, Santos 2022 

On July 21, 2022, during UCCN XIV Annual Conference, held in Santos,CK Foundation and Tucson CCC of Gastronomy, during a round table discussed the outcome of the 2022 BoCC Edition, with delegates from several Creative Cities (of different clusters). A new thread of Breads of the Creative Cities, in collaboration with the Network of Rotary Clubs of Italian Creative Cities, was announced.  

Editorial project:
Breads of the Creative Cities 2022

book cover breads of the creative cities

After some extensive development of the Creative Knowledge Platform and the inclusion of new features, the Creative Knowledge Foundation and Tucson UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, presented, during several subcluster meetings, the main results of the third edition of the project: the traditional breads, flours, grains described in the CKP and the farmers, millers and bakers participating to the project grew consistently and a new Breads of the Creative Cities interactive edition was prepared.

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A BoCC for the Italian “Rete Rotary of the UNESCO Creative Cities” (RRUCC)

The Italian “Rete Rotary of the UNESCO Creative Cities” (RRUCC) and CK Foundation are announcing the start of a new joint effort to map the bread traditions of the Italian UNESCO Creative Cities local bread value chain in the project BoCC. Aim of the initiative is to support the CK Foundations and Rotary’s missions in helping local economies become a driver toward a more sustainable future.  

The coordinator of the Italian “Rete Rotary of the UNESCO Creative Cities” (RRUCC) is planning to present the first results of the project during the “Rotary International Convention”, in Melbourne, Australia, May 27th – 31st 2023.