Picture by Klaudyna Schubert

Days of Bread

Edition 2018

In 2018 CK Foundation has partnered with Tucson UCC Gastronomy and Krakow UCC Literature to utilize the Creative Knowledge Platform by CK Foundation to highlight the Days of Bread Celebration that took  place during UCCN XII in Wolnica Square, Krakow.  

To encourage the participation of all the UNESCO Creative Cities, the concept of “bread” was expanded beyond its traditional definition: “bread” is any staple food derived from mixing local ingredients (a flour of some kind is a must) that prepare a culturally significant food in a community.  

The inspiration derives directly from the words of the organizers of the event in Krakow: 

“… bread is a symbol of fecundity and miracles, generosity and sharing … bread fulfills a specific function in social and culinary culture by providing nourishment and sustenance, and its methods of preparation and associated traditions are as diverse as the world itself”.

Editorial project 2018

The results of the first edition of the project were presented through a book dedicated, with over 27 different bakers across 7 clusters of the UNESCO Network represented.  

hands touching book Picture by Klaudyna Schubert

Picture by Klaudyna Schubert


For the city of Krakow, that participated to the project and was the location of the Annual Meeting, was created a specific itinerary dedicated to the traditional bakeries of the city. In this way the delegates and the people could discover virtually or physically the traditional bakeries of the hosting city!

Pins with different breads